What schools say about us

Fantastic day for Year 4 we loved every minute. The rest of the school can't wait to have their workshops!
St. Bernadette RCS
Thanks to our friends Garden_Plotters for the bulb set. Our President can't wait to get started.
Cooks Spinney Primary
Good range of activities from classroom to outdoor for mixed ability. Brought tools & expertise to staff who may not have required skills. Friendly & enthusiastic.
Colchester Academy

'I liked putting the soil in.  It was fun getting my hands dirty.'  

'I liked putting the soil in the pots and mashing up all the big lumps!'

'Getting wet when we played the seed game was fun!'

'I know it's cheaper to grow my own food than buy it in the supermarket.'

Phoenix Primary children


Main things the group learned

  • Importance of tending plants
  • that plants have different parts - roots, stem etc
  • taking it in turns

Three things the group most enjoyed

  • Bee game
  • Planting the flowers
  • Creating their own garden design

Changes you have noticed particularly:  confidence in handling the plants and garden equipment

Quality of activities run: 10/10

The Abbey Nursery