The benefits of getting pupils gardening

Thank you for your amazing responses to our bulb campaign, the bulb packs disappeared from the Plotters shed like hot potatoes!

So supportive were your views on the value of teaching children how to garden that we can't wait to share them. These are just some of the words you used to describe the benefits . . . . .

self esteem  





team work













. . . . . and here's what you said about  

why it's important to get your children outdoors gardening

Of course we agree and that's why here at Garden Plotters we have made it our mission to provide opportunities for children to learn lifelong skills. In just one day children cover a huge range of activities...designing a garden, developing an awareness of scale, learning how to measure, then depending on the afternoon topic we can focus on vegetable gardens, wildlife gardens, gardening for pollinators, soil and composting etc. Children learn through interactive games,quizzes and hands on experiences. Sowing and planting is always included whether it's in the school grounds or planting up a pot to take home.

We don't think there's any other one activity that provides children (and adults!) with so many benefits and can also cover so many curriculum areas. 

Learning shouldn't stay in the classroom, make the most of your school by including your outdoor spaces, book a Garden Plotters workshop and we'll get you started. 

We look forward to working with you and bringing lots of enthusiasm and expertise to help your children grow.

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P.S. We take bookings all year round.  If the weather forecast is looking grim we'll re-arrange.

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