No time for gardening on the curriculum?

I have just read an interesting article questioning the ability of schools being able to add gardening into their school timetable (as being called for by our good friend Mr Titchmarsh) when there are so many new compulsory subjects, in addition to the basic academic subjects, being added.

The fact is gardening activities can cover a wide range of curriculum subjects so gardening doesn't need to be viewed as an extra subject too difficult to fit in to timetables. Garden Plotters workshops cover English, D&T, science and even some maths and on top of this some PSHE & Citizenship coverage. 

Teachers tell us that children just don't get enough time outdoors and how much they enjoy it when they get the chance to get stuck into planting or perhaps create a wildlife area.  Not only do our workshops include compulsory subject areas they provide children with much needed opportunities to get outside, get close to nature and to be inspired by what they can achieve with their outdoor environments.  

So let's not view gardening as yet another pressure on an already packed timetable but a welcome and rich activity that ticks many compulsory boxes aswell as teaching children to enjoy healthy lifestyles.


June 2015