Mini water garden

A water garden doesn't have to be large or difficult to construct, it doesn't even have to be outside (but we recommend it!). No matter how big or small your garden is it can accommodate water which is vital for many creatures. 

Below are a few simple steps to constructing a strikingly trendy pond that would look great in a school courtyard or on a garden patio. .

This is an example of a mini pond that we construct for primary schools and academies as part of our Water Water workshop. It comes in many bright colours and is fab for getting kids interested and close up to water plants and wildlife

Pond positioned and checked by Dobson

Position the pond preferably in a semi shaded area

Add substrate and chose your water plants. We recommend chosing at least one oxygenating plant, these absorb nutrients (such as ammonia and nitrates) that would otherwise build up and become toxic to wildlife. The oxygenator chosen here is Flaxleaf pimpernel (Anagalis tenella), other plants include variegated Sweet flag (Acorus calamus 'Gramineus').

Place the plants on the substrate......

....stand back and check

Add water....

plus a few drops of a pet and wildlife friendly water treatment to stop the water going green.

Job done!  It will take a few hours for the water to settle and clear. 

About two days after I constructed this mini pond I spotted a young robin perched on the brim taking a drink, a lovely sight.