Making a Worm Composter

It's always a good time to get started on a worm composter and it's something that children of all ages will have great fun doing.

Print off our instruction sheets Worm Composter  - don’t waste your waste’ for a fun outdoor session on making a worm composter with your class. 

1. Encourage all pupils and your school kitchen to recycle their food waste and use the nutrient rich compost in your school garden

2. Make pupils responsible / install a rota for checking the composter on a weekly basis, if you're an Eco School this could be part of an action plan

3. In Spring show pupils how to use the nutrient rich compost on the vegetable garden, flower beds or containers to give plants a  healthy feed


Worm Squirm:

Q. what's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm?  

A: biting into an apple and finding half a worm!