Making a simple Bug Hotel

simple insect hotel from recycled materials    making a simple insect hotel using recycled materials

making a simple insect hotel using recycled materials     

This is a great way to recycle plastic bottles or tin cans – you can bundle hollow sticks & tie together with string or put materials inside an empty tin can or a section of a plastic bottle.  Have a look for other natural materials you can use such as pine cones and dried leaves

Plastic Bottles

  1. Cut your bottle down to size – you can get 2 sections out of a 2L bottle
  2. Gather your materials - bamboo canes make excellent hollow nests, cut them to similar lengths to fit into the bottle
  3. If you are going to hang your hotel loop some garden twine or string through the bottle before filling it nice and full

Tin Cans

  1. Clean out your can
  2. Gather materials and cut to size - fill it nice and full
  3. Tie garden twine or string around the outside of the tin to hang


  1. Gather dry hollow plant stems or bamboo canes, cut to the same lengths
  2. Tie garden twine or string around to hang, if you tie string at each end the bundle won’t spin as much – or hang against a tree trunk so it doesn’t spin at all


Keep a look out for your visitors!  




June 2015