Incredible Edibles with The Phoenix Primary

Year 1 got the chance to dive in and get their hands dirty when Garden Plotters visited The Phoenix Primary School at Laindon.  Incredible Edibles was the theme and the aim was to revamp an under used paved area of the school grounds as a new kitchen courtyard. 

They learnt about what plants need to grow, becoming seeds in the ground growing and stretching out their roots and stems as the sun and rain (in the form of water squirters!) helped them grow.Plants need rain to growPlants need sun to grow


"Getting wet when we played the seed game was fun!"


The children came up with some great ideas about what to include in a vegetable garden and created some lovely kitchen garden designs. They were able to choose topical themes for their designs such as Disney’s Cinderella or Sponge Bob Squarepants….. a hit with the boys.

Before lunch the compost bags were opened and the fun began….mixing compost and filling containers, I think it’s fair to say this was a highlight!

Mixing compost & planting with children    

By the end of the day the children had sowed different types of seeds, seen just how small a carrot seed is and how careful you need to be so they don't blow away!, they planted beans, peas, potatoes, strawberries and herbs. They learnt how to plant - handling plants carefully ensuring that all the roots are covered, also that certain plants climb and need support.  



Everybody got to make and take home a googly eyed cress head. A tip for anyone reading this.....if you make these in tights cut a hole in the head to allow the cress to grow properly! 

'I liked putting the soil in.  It was fun getting my hands dirty.'

'I liked putting the soil in the pots and mashing up all the big lumps.'

'I liked putting the seeds in.  It was fun!'

'Getting wet when we played the seed game was fun!'

'I know it's cheaper to grow my own food than buy it in the supermarket."

April 2015