Garden Plotters launches exciting new workshops

We are very excited to announce the launch of Garden Plotters, a vibrant new organisation helping primary school children learn essential life skills and helping teachers deliver key curriculum objectives.

The best way to inspire future gardening generations is to catch their imagination and interest when they are young.

We want children to……

  • Open their eyes and broaden their perspective to the creative possibilities of what can be achieved in a garden
  • Engage an interest in their own gardens
  • Understand why design is important and learn about design skills for future interest
  • Connect to the natural environment and understand why it’s important to create and sustain wildlife habitats
  • Connect to the fundamental aspects of plants & horticulture – edibles and ornamentals and the basics of care
  • Undertake a project from idea to implementation – maybe a school garden designed and built by the children
  • Engage in a topic that covers and builds on core skills in the national curriculum. Specifically covering many science, design & technology and maths curriculum objectives
  • Be happy and healthy, develop practical skills, build self-esteem and promote a healthy lifestyle

We will help teachers by…..

  • Supporting the delivery of the national curriculum
  • Saving valuable time having to search for resources to cover a variety of different subjects
  • Saving valuable time having to learn & deliver specialist subject matter

Take a look at our workshops to see how we can help you and your primary school

All our workshops are risk assessed and linked to the national curriculum


Let's meet the team ....

Garden Plotters is the brainchild of Anthea Thomas, a woman with a passion for all things verdant!

Favourite saying: if you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space
Likes to: have a sing song and toast marshmallows round the campfire with my cub pack
Favourite season: Autumn, I love walking in the fallen leaves and looking for conkers
Work ethic: why put it off until tomorrow if you can do it today


Jill Crooks is a farmer’s daughter who re-ignited her inner spark for the outdoors by switching from IT design to garden design….”plant pests before computer viruses, any day!”

Inspired by:  Satish Kumar… his books speak to me
Favourite plant: Erigeron karvinskianus (Mexican fleabane)…so cheerful and persistent! 
Favourite day out: a walk in the woods with my dogs
Childhood memories: bonfire night on the farm…. toffee, potatoes, warm cheeks and a cold bum!
Can’t live without:  porridge


Sam Matthews began studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. After a little detour into the world of industry and food science, Sam began to try and get others enthusiastic about the natural world: first as a secondary science teacher on the Teach First programme and, most recently, as a volunteer officer and sessional staff member with The Conservation Volunteers, helping primary school children to learn about nature by being outside.

Inspired by: nature and the great outdoors
Favourite animal: spent much of my childhood pretending to be a tiger but my favourite garden animal is the bee
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite plant: the raspberry (yum!)
How would you describe yourself: friendly, smiley, and just a little bit silly