Empty Classroom Day - Friday June 17th


We are really looking forward to getting outdoors with Year 1 at St Bernadette Catholic Primary School on Empty Classroom Day.


The class will be getting involved in lots of gardening games and activities including

I’m a seed watch me grow! where the children will play act being seed buried in the dark soil……until the water sprayers come out 😄 and they start to sprout! 


But what else will they need to grow?



We’ll be spending lots of time in the school vegetable garden, checking whether the strawberries are ready to eat, weeding the raised beds and investigating what is growing. We’ll be looking at all the different plants and the different parts of plants that we eat - the leaves of lettuce, the fruits of strawberries, the stems of celery, the seeds of beans and peas.


If the children have been ‘feeding’ the wormery with their vegetable and salad waste then there should be some lovely nutritious compost we can use to give the vegetables a real boost. Then we'll replenish the wormery with more green waste to feed the worms and get them working on that rich compost!






Dads are in for a treat too - being so close to Fathers Day the children will be planting up pot plants and decorating the pots to give to Dad on Sunday. 


If your class or your school would like details on any of the gardening workshops we run send us an email or contact us using the website enquiry form